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The Lo Presti’s Jewellery was born from the craftsmanship of our forefather Gaetano Lo Presti, goldsmith since the 1920’s. He opened his shopLo Presti’s Jewelleryin Messina, in 1948.
Grandpa Gaetano spent thirty years developing his craft, and and thirty years as a renowned master jeweller. Since then the Lo Presti’s Jewellery has made its name known for creation and sale of handcraft jewellery in 18kt Gold. Jewellery with diamonds, modern and antique styles as well as jewellery with precious and semiprecious stones..
Moreover, Lo Presti’s Jewellery specializes in the sale of IGI, HRD,GIA diamonds.

Since 2000, Lo Presti’s Jewellery has been present on the net with the aim of more satisfaction for our customers. Lo Presti’s Jewellery offers high quality at very competitive prices, up to 40 % off. The firm also provides consultation and personalization thanks to our in-house studio.

Gaetano Lo Presti

Gaetano Lo Presti

Founder – Since 1948 to 1971

Gaetano was the forefather and founder of the firm. He opened his own shop in 1948, after many years of experience in the sector. The jewellery had always been the great passion of Gaetano since he was a young boy. In the early 1920’s he attended jewellery studios and learned how to transform his vocation into his craft.

Filippo Lo Presti

Filippo Lo Presti

Administrator – Since 1971 to 2009

Gaetano’s son inherited his father‘s passion for jewellery design, learning the secret of this art and following in his father’s footsteps with the same attention to detail and professionalism. Master goldsmith Filippo fortified the firm and handed down his craft and experience to his sons and young people.

Marcello Lo Presti

Marcello Lo Presti

Administrator - Since 2009 to Present

Marcello also received his father and grandfather’s teachings. He inherited his love for the craft and added some new elements of innovation. The development of an e-commerce space on the website. In this way he keeps the firm up-to-date in a market with different features and needs.

From Our to Your hands: Here’s to You Our laboratory.

Thanks to our goldsmith laboratory we can propose exclusive and original handmade jewel. Following our customer idea and project we can create unique and signed jewels. Thanks to our goldsmith laboratory we can create and customize each type of jewel: You need only to send us a sketch or picture showing Your idea.
We are ready to realize Your wishes!

Our Services:

  • Customized jewels
  • Gold object repair: 18, 14, e 12 kt
  • Precious and semiprecious stone embedding
  • Old and modern jewels reproduction; incision with chisel and pantograph
  • Size customization for rings, bracelets and necklace
  • Production of pins, celebratory medals, commemorative plaques for celebrations
  • Jewels and precious stones evaluation
  • Polishing, hammering, sandblasting
  • Galvanic baths, rodhium, gold and silver plating; ultrasound and brushes cleaning
  • Custom diamonds and ingots
  • Purchase of precious metals
  • Precious investment

Some of our handmade creations handed down from generation to generation ...

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